Pay-Ware 2005 W-2 Information

To minimize W-2 hassles, Pay-Ware prints “Plain-Paper” Laser Forms (including all Boxes & Captions)


There is no need to purchase “red ink” Copy A forms to file with SSA.  Pay-Ware’s substitute “black ink” laser form is fully approved for filing.


To eliminate any printing alignment issues & minimize form costs for Employee Copies - we recommend purchasing the Laser “W2 Blank” 4 UP perforated forms – as follows


- 5209 for 4Up Box (2x2)                  - 5208 for 4Up Horizontal (1x4)


Note: You can still use the preprinted Laser and Track Feed forms with boxes and captions for Employee Copies. 


Contact Info for Altec Forms             1-800-997-9921