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 O/E Shipping Wizard for SAGE PFW

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Product Overview

Service Technologies' PFW Shipping Wizard is a powerful module. It fills information gaps that exist in PFW by "bucketing" sets of orders by request date and comparing them against projected "available" inventory.  This quickly answers the following questions:

  What orders are due to be shipped over a given time period (e.g. this week)?

- Orders are filled in request date/order date sequence

  Will inventory (on-hand or in-transit) be available to ship that “set” of orders on time?

  How can we insure that “priority” orders are filled first & 100% complete?

  What is the projected weekly availability* for any given item over the next quarter?

 (*including orders due out as well as expected receipts)


Shipping Wizard also dramatically improves documentation & control over the entire order fulfillment process.  Matching selected orders to available inventory items is easy.   Accurate customized picking tickets eliminate confusion.


  Automatically handles “Each” to “Case Pack” conversions & “Solid Case Only” ship mode Generates customized


  Picking Tickets/Packing Slips for warehouse use.  Tickets are printed only for items being shipped.


- Only items & quantities plus your selected comments are shown.

- Quantities will reflect only valid picking units.



Shipment Processing - Typical Flow

1. Orders in the system are selected for shipment and inventory items are assigned against that order set. Sort selection parameters make "forcing" priority shipments for certain Items or Customers easy.

2. Once selected, adjustments to this "order set" can be made in the "Correct Shipment Selection" window. Only "preselected" orders from Step 1 are included.

3. A preliminary Picking Report is generated to show what orders will be picked.

4. Optimized Crystal Picking tickets (including "ea. to case" conversions) are generated.

5. Orders are picked.

6. Actual picking ticket quantities are entered/verified.
- Backorders may be automatically written for unshipped items.

7. Shipments are posted to PFW for invoicing.


PFW Shipping Wizard manages your inventory & your order base.

The Bottom Line is better service for your customers!


Shipping Wizard - Selected Processing Windows

Select Orders for Shipment Window


Selected Orders Crystal Report


Item Profile Window

This powerful feature provides a comprehensive view to all "available" inventory for a given Inventory Item during any given week. Available Inventory is designated as 1)On-order/expected for receipt, 2)On-hand & committed to sales, 3) On-hand by location or 4)On-hand & in shipping (packing ticket generated). The unique Summary table projects comprehensive availability by week over a 3 month period.



Color-coding highlights key information.

  - Past due items are displayed in Yellow

  - Current week items are Green


The Projected Availability Analysis   provides a weekly inventory picture 13 weeks into the future

- Negative Inventory positions show in Red



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