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Thanks for your interest in our award-winning PFW Enhancements      

NOW! for  Batchmaster too!  

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Fully-functional 2006 Demo versions of our STC Products

  Requirements     30 Megabytes available disk space

  & Limitations:    Minimum Screen Resolution of 800x600

                           Platinum must be installed on your system 

                           PFW's  DEMO (Glsdem) or BatchMasterPFW DEMO (CHEM) Company must be enabled & available 

                                        (unregistered programs work only in Glsdem or Chem)

                           File processing limitation of 20 records.


You must run PFW 5.x Versions to use this download - STCUtil      [DOWNLOAD  HERE]

Save the file "STCUTIL.EXE"  in a temporary folder (e.g. x :\download). This location must also be capable of transferring files to the "Platinum System" drive location.

From Windows Explorer, browse to the above location (x:\download) then double click on the file and follow the instructions to install in your Platinum System Folder. 

Download the User Guide (.pdf) for all STC Utilities   [Click Here] 

UPGRADING UTILITY Trying to access an STC Utility from a "company" other than GLSDEM will automatically launch an "UNLOCK" window requiring you to contact STC to purchase the Utility and obtain the Unlock code.  
TO LIVE VERSION:  This can be done in a very short time and does not require you to reinstall.
Short Desc

Demo version of all STC Utilities for Platinum 5.x Versions. They are full-featured versions of the software with the only restrictions being limited to the company GLSDEM and a limited number of transactions.

File includes the following PFW Utility programs


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