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Smart Crystal Reports & Plain-Paper Forms for PFW 5.1 & 5.2 [click here]


STC Plain Paper Forms are "customized" Crystal Reports which print all the Formatting (Lines/Boxes, Captions & Headers) found on the pre-printed forms (in addition to all the regular printed information).   Forms may be further Customized to include a Logo for $50 (from your jpeg, gif or bmp).  These Forms are ideal for users who fax or e-mail documents to their Vendors & Customers. They eliminate the need to "Print to Form" to get fully formatted, "faxable" end-user documents.


Many Users prefer "portrait-oriented" reports instead of the "landscape" orientation used on PFW reports.  STC’s reports are designed to show maximum information per page (significantly shortening the print runs for long reports). STC's bundle has portrait/condensed versions of 15 important PFW Reports.


 A/R , O/E & OR Counter Sales/POS


STC's new O/E Counter Sales/POS - the FASTEST way to serve carryout Customers.  Enter & print these sales in a fraction of the time . . . at a fraction of the cost.


This powerful module provides a simplified but powerful “One Window/One Tab” Interface for O/E or counter sales personnel to enter a sale (along with payment information) and immediately print an invoice/receipt for the customer in less than 30 Keystrokes. 

ü      New Customer information may be automatically back-written to A/R “on the fly.”

ü      “Price” field  lookup shows that customer’s previous order activity on any item

ü      “Hot button” to STC’s Powerful Item Profile Window

ü      Invoice printer (incl. receipt format) selectable by user   [More..]


  A/R File Manager  

Purge Option added 5/02


  A/P File Manager

 Purge Option added 5/02

The A/R Invoice Import Utility  imports comma or tab-delimited files containing invoice data into the Platinum A/R Invoice Entry files. The imported data can be provided in two files (Header and Line Item) or in a single file containing both the Headers and Line Items. An on-screen file-linker & preview reports provide positive control over the process

The Customer Import imports comma or tab-delimited files containing customer data into the Platinum A/R Customer File

The Purge Option quickly deletes "old" Customer Information & Activity

The A/P Voucher Import Utility  takes externally generated Comma-delimited (.csv) or tab-delimited files containing A/P voucher data and imports them into the PFW A/P Voucher Entry file.  The imported data may be provided in two files (Header and line item) or in a single file containing both the headers and line items.

The A/P Vendor Import imports comma or tab-delimited files containing vendor data into the Platinum A/P Vendor file.  

The Purge Option quickly deletes "old" vendor Information & Activity


G/L Magician 

with GL Purge


A/R Customer Connector  


STC's GL Magician automatically "cleans up" and consolidates activity for "old" GL Accounts.  Based on a user-selected time frame, any selected range of the chart of accounts is automatically inspected for activity.  "Inactive" account numbers will then be deleted and their activity consolidated into one of two user-selected control accounts.  Both the History and Balance files maintain their integrity (allowing accurate prior-year Income Statements & Balance Sheets to be run).  

It can also PURGE all GL Activity for designated Prior Fiscal Years.  while making proper "beginning balance" adjustments for the remaining periods.

Users wishing to update their entire

GL Account setup -

Check our new GL Swapper   =======>    


Advanced Cash Receipt This powerful Utility makes it quick & easy to manage large, multi-location customers who are invoiced individually-but pay centrally.  A Cash Receipt can be quickly be entered & applied across any range of Customers. Invoices are selectable by Invoice No, Customer Key or Customer PO#.

 Consolidated Statements may be generated for any range of customers that are related by Customer Class or Territory or “Ship To” Address. Statements are generated to show account activity through a selected date and may include “paid” invoices as well as invoice number with “Ship To” & Customer PO detail



A/R Counter Sales (POS)



Service Technologies’ Counter Sales/POS  provides a simplified “One Window/One Tab” A/R Interface for counter sales personnel to quickly enter a sale (along with payment information) and print an invoice/receipt for the customer.  Once invoices are created, subsequent processing is by “normal” PFW A/R batch procedures.

When run “standalone” it can significantly reduce PFW User Counts required to service walk-in sales transactions.