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 STC Inventory Utilities      for SAGE PFW

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Min/Max Seasonal Reset

Item Quantity Verification

Smart Item Profile

Min / Max Seasonal Reset - Automate Seasonal  Adjusting of Inventory Levels. This routine reviews sales transactions for the prior 12 mo. time period and allows users to assign a “weight” to each period.  The routine then resets the selected Min/Max based on this weighting and a +/- adjustment percentage factor to accommodate current sales trends.

  • Available Ranges  - Item Key, Location Key, Bin No. 

  • Filter Options -  Product Key, Commodity Key, ECCN Code, ABC Code 



Item Quantity Verification - This Resync Utility automatically reviews & verifies Inventory quantities (Units & $) between different Inventory Module files as well as the related files from A/P (Voucher Entry-Indirect Receipts), P/O (On Order) & S/O (Committed to Sales). The routine can either generate an exception report or actually resync the values. Inventory Files verified are Cost Layers, Period Summary & Item Location.




Item Profile Window   


This feature gives a comprehensive view to weekly “available” inventory for a given Inventory Item.

Available Inventory is designated as  1) On-order/expected for receipt, 2) On-hand & committed to sales, 3) On-hand by location or 4) On-hand & in shipping (packing ticket generated).   The summary table projects comprehensive availability by week over a 4-month period.


Color-coding highlights key information.

  - Past due items are displayed in Yellow

  - Current week items are Green


The Projected Availability Analysis shows a weekly inventory picture 13 weeks into the future

  - Negative inventory positions show in Red




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