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 G/L Magician    for SAGE PFW 

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GL Chart Magician
Purge Prior Year(s) GL Activity
GL Chart Magician & Purge


STC's GL Chart Magician will automatically "clean up" and consolidate activity for "old" GL Accounts.  Based on a user-selected time frame, any selected range of the chart of accounts is automatically inspected for activity.  "Inactive" account numbers will then be deleted and their activity consolidated into one of two user-selected control accounts.  Both the History and Balance files maintain their integrity (allowing accurate prior-year Income Statements & Balance Sheets to be run).

The GL Purge will delete all GL Activity & Balances for any user-selected Fiscal Year (or years).  The next year beginning balance is adjusted for the deleted activity.

Using Chart Magician

Using PFW report setup procedures, a range of G/L Accounts is selected (using optional wildcards) for deletion/consolidation.  In the example below, all G/L activity for department "SG1's will be consolidated into control accounts specified if they have had no activity since 7/13/01.  (Any Income Statement & Balance Sheet account may be specified as a control account).


Sample Report

  Processing STC's Chart Magician in Trial Mode generates the following report identifying all GL Balance Activity that will be consolidated.





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