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If there are custom modifications to your applications, please contact a support analyst prior to downloading or installing any FIX.

Be sure to review the details which include instructions for applying the update. 

Product Description File Name Date Size


 Pay-Ware for  WINDOWS  Version 6.1 of Pay-Ware Payroll System  (NO password required to run in DEMO mode)) PAYWARE.EXE 12/21/06 32,117,849 details   download


      details   download
STC Utilities for PFW  5.x

Demo version of all add-on programs-- AR Customer Connector; AR Advanced Reports, AR & AP File Manager, Counter Sales, Bank Book Imports, Inventory Bundles, Shipping Wizard, GL Chart Magician  (NO password required) STCUTILEXE

NOW for Batchmaster

May '03


21,185,595 details   download
GL Conversion Doctor Enhanced  PFW Conversion tool.  Fixes Segment file descriptions, missing account numbers, and unbalanced batches.  (password required) CDOCTOR.EXE 07/27/01 2,486,939 details   download