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A/R Advanced Reports  for SAGE PFW  

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Invoice Reprint

Customer Collections Profile

Advanced Product Sales

Cash-Basis Sale Tax Report

 Invoice Reprint

Easily reprint up to eight individually selected Invoices or an unlimited range of consecutive Invoice Numbers or Dates on your ORIGINAL forms. An optional Header stating "REPRINT" may be included.

Customer Profile

These Utilities generate Customer Collection Profiles and Product Sales Reports across a range of related customers. This is useful where large, multi-location customers are setup individually for billing purposes, but must be consolidated for analysis & reporting purposes.

Customers may be grouped based on the following criteria:

Customer Key, Customer Class, Territory, Sales Rep, Customer "ship to"

The Customer Profile is aged by due date (not invoice date) with user-selectable age date ranges.



Product Sales

There are two groups of reports--A/r sorts and Inventory sorts.  The report includes quantity sold, price, extended amount, weight (volume), extended weight and number of transactions.   They can both be run in either summary or detail mode. 

A/R sorts include Customer Key, Customer Name, Customer Class/Customer Name, Salesperson/customer Name, Territory/customer Name and Customer Ship To.

The Inventory sorts include Product Key, Salesperson/Product Key, Commodity Key and Manufacturer Code.


Cash Basis Sales Tax Report

This report enables PFW accrual-accounting basis Users to quickly determine their Sales/ Use Tax Liability on a “cash accounting” basis.  It pulls the actual 4 PFW Tax Level amounts from both the current transaction & history files for any date range - it doesn't calculate or "back into" tax amounts. 

Invoices are considered “paid” when the "apply to" amount equals 0.  The ‘paid” date is the most recent date associated with that transaction set.  The report lists tax amounts on all invoices with “paid” status in the selected period  for each PFW Taxing Authority.  The report can be generated by invoice total or line item total. 



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