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 A/R  Customer Connector    for SAGE PFW

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Product Overview

A/R Customer Connector expedites the applications of cash receipts across multiple invoices/customers. Additionally, the reapplication of a cash receipt from one invoice to another & the reapplication of a cash receipt from one customer to another customer are handled "in balance" with a full audit trail. It also "batch processes" the tedious task of "writing off" small/residual balances. The invoices affected can be selected by Invoice Number, Customer Key or Customer PO numbers and any unallocated funds can be applied on account.


Consolidated Statements makes it easy to generate a Statement for any billing “group” based on the following items.     

Customer Class               Territory                Ship To Address

These 3 Group Keys must identify meaningful, related customer groups for the program to work effectively.

Customized Statements are quickly produced by selecting the following billing parameters.

The range of Group Keys for which statement(s) are to be generated.

The “Age As Of” Date to specify what A/R activity will appear on the Statement.

Whether Paid Invoices are to appear on the Statement.

Whether to Force all Customers to Print on the Statement (even if their Customer Record is not set to

“print statement”).


The statement itself is formatted with the following User-selected information.

  The Customer Key (& address, etc.) to used for the consolidated statement.

 Whether the company name should appear on the statement

 The Document Description (Customer P.O. or Customer/Ship To Name) to be used.

 Whether  Field Descriptions need to be printed (if not using preprinted PFW forms).


Statements are generated through Crystal Reports – see sample below:




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