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 A/R Counter Sales/POS  for SAGE PFW 





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Product Overview

 Service Technologies’ Counter Sales/POS is a powerful module. It provides a simplified “One Window/One Tab” A/R Interface for counter sales personnel to quickly enter a sale (along with payment information) and print an invoice/receipt for the customer.  Once invoices are created, subsequent processing is by “normal” PFW A/R batch procedures.

When run “standalone” it can significantly reduce PFW User Counts required to service walk-in sales transactions. 


      Counter Sales/POS easily deploys your PFW A/R to Salespeople

Bottom Line Savings For You. . . Better Service For Your Customers!


The Program That Immediately Saves You Time & Money.

  • Access Options


    Can run directly from PFW’s A/R “Document Entry” sub-menu

    Security is by PFW User Group administration  [Requires PFW User Count]


    Can run “standalone” from STC System Manager Menu  [Requires STC User Count]


  • Data entered for New Customers can be automatically back-written to the Customer Master.


  • Hot button” to STC’s Powerful Item Profile Window which provides a complete view of current & future item commitments vs. availability.


  • Invoice printer selectable by user (customizable Crystal invoice from Windows printers)


One Window/One Tab Invoice Generation

Cursor/Enter keying pattern runs down  the left side jumping from Customer PO to Item Entry fields.

 “Tool Bar” Buttons  

To Item Profile 

 Reprint (Unposted Invoice)

 Window layout is designed for  high volume & efficiency.

 -Tab 1 shows all critical information fields-ordered to minimize keystrokes

 -After only 8 keystrokes, users can enter items

-Selection of Customer populates entire screen with defaults

 -Printer Menu launches automatically  on “saving” a new invoice

 -Selection of Windows Printers and invoice Formats

-Reprint “Hot Button” allows easy reprinting of any unposted invoice



Print Either a Receipt or Invoice





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