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A/P File Manager   (Import & Purge Utility) for SAGE PFW

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The A/P File Manager is a collection of three utilities.

The Voucher Import Utility imports comma-delimited or tab-delimited files containing Voucher data into the Platinum A/P Voucher Entry files. The imported data can be provided in two files (Header and Line Item) or in a single file containing both the Headers and Line Items.

The Vendor Import Feature likewise easily links & imports Vendor data from external source files into PFWs APVEND file.  As above, file must be comma or  tab- delimited.  Configuration is via the quick and easy process outlined below.

These utility dynamically adjusts to any comma-delimited file by allowing the mapping of the input data on the parameter screen.

Any required data not found in the import file will be defaulted from the Vendor and Inventory files.

The utility may be processed in trial or final mode and an import log report is provided.

The Vendor Data Purge deletes selected "old", inactive Vendors and their History.  This can dramatically expedite the running time and length of AP History Reports.

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