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STC’s Electronic Payments enables “paperless” ACH payments. It is run before the regular PFW Print/Post once a “normal” payment Batch has been setup.  It quickly scans the entire batch and prints Direct Deposit Payment Advices for those designated as Electronic Vendors.  During the post it creates a “transmission-ready” NACHA standard ACH Credit (CCD) payment file and posts those Vouchers.  The same batch is then processed again using the standard PFW Print/Post to generate Checks and post all the remaining vendor payments. This Utility is designed to allow end users to configure these file formats in-house to your bank’s requirements.


STC’s Positive Payments can "head-off" the mushrooming problem of check fraud. Once configured, this utility enables users to quickly create custom-formatted (to any Bank's-provided specifications) Positive Payments file(s) in Text or Comma-delimited format.    Banks offering this service will cross-reference any drafts presented for payment against this file and can deny payment of drafts/checks which differ from the Check No., Amount or Date information in the file.  Unlike most other products, this Utility is designed to allow consultants & end users (rather than software suppliers) to create and modify these file formats in-house.  All that's required is a detailed set of file specifications from your Bank.

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